Moving and Handling

Providing client specific moving and handling assessments, advice and training for individuals and organisations

Mandatory moving and handling training will take place in a classroom setting with techniques practiced on able bodied fellow participants. Although this is essential to allow staff to be taught these techniques it can be difficult to then put them into practice with the people they care for. Carers may forget techniques that are not carried out on a regular basis or find it difficult to decide which techniques to use to meet the needs of a particular individual. They may also need to carry out techniques that weren’t covered in the mandatory training for example the use of equipment such as specific brand of stand aid. Therefore, it is important to be able to access support around moving and handling assessments, plans and training for individual clients.

Family members and other unpaid carers carry out moving and handling techniques for the people they care for. Support around identifying appropriate moving and handling techniques and equipment in addition to training is vital in order to reduce the risk of injury to the carer and those they care for.

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