Specialising in the rehabilitation and management of adults with neurological conditions including those of a severe and complex nature

Neurological disorders are diseases of the brain, spine and nerves. They may be congenital, traumatic or acquired and include conditions such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, stroke, head injury and spinal cord injury. Irrespective of the cause physiotherapy input is vital when there is the potential to improve mobility and function. However, it is just as important when the condition is static or deteriorating in order to maximise mobility and function and prevent unnecessary deterioration.

You will receive a comprehensive assessment which will identify what physiotherapy input you require to maximise your mobility and function. Physiotherapy input will include use of a variety of evidence based treatment approaches including the Bobath Concept which is one of the leading approaches to neurological rehabilitation. You will also receive a home exercise and management programme to carry out by yourself or with support from family and friends.

Individuals with severe limitation of movement due to neurological disorders are at high risk of developing contractures and changes in body shape without an appropriate 24 hour postural care plan in place. This can lead to problems such pain, increased risk of pressure sores, increased risk of respiratory infections and difficulty achieving a comfortable and functional sitting posture. As part of my service I can carry out assessment and advise on your individualised postural care plan and the equipment you require. This may include a wheelchair, seating, sleep system and standing frame.

In addition to carrying out assessment for equipment for postural care I can also assist you to identify and purchase other specialist equipment such as walking frames, transport, beds, bathing and toileting equipment and moving and handling equipment.

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